Foria (Hong Kong) Ltd.
is a Hong Kong based Company which was established in 2013 by a former C-level Executive and Board member with ~20 years of experience in the Certification, Testing and Inspection business.

Projects, task and assignments where international project experience, complex product development, government and institutional assignments and/or system-, product certification and testing questions are involved Foria (Hong Kong) Ltd will be able to provide an added value role when being involved in your projects.

Over 20 years of experience in

Interim management assignments
Due to the extensive management experience Foria (Hong Kong) Ltd. is also well suited to take on interim management assignments.

Expertise on sustainability and more
Through its network Foria (Hong Kong) Ltd. is able to provide expertise on sustainability, certification, accreditation, assessments and environment related topics or interactions.

Management of a start-up company in the European Union

Foria (Hong Kong) Ltd. is also involved in the management of a start-up company in the European Union. This company is involved in a revolutionizing approach to testing for clients by providing on-site testing services with a same day delivery of test results for a portfolio of gasses through a mobile patented gas chromatograph. A further scale up for EU expansion and replication into Asia is part of a business plan being worked out for funding its growth.

Visa free travel for chinese

Foria (Hong Kong) Ltd. with its Asian home base and contacts in Europe has been approached to act as an intermediate to provide a solution for Visa free travel for initially Chinese citizens.

Are you looking for a proper location to safely deposit money being taken care of by investment professionals?

And wiling to fulfilling the investment demand in e.g. Portugal to obtain a European Union passport?

Looking forward for our cooperation!!

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