The following activities are the portfolio of services in which Foria (Hong Kong) Ltd. wishes to share its experience with its clients.


  • Methodology development and solutions offering for complex and challenging questions.
  • For governments, institutions, companies or retailers in their areas of responsibility.
  • Focus on topical items related to food, sustainable production, organic production, environmental influence.
  • Experienced with complex certification and accreditation questions, development of certification schemes and concepts. Development of Chain-of-Custody, Product Certification and Labeling schemes.
  • Through its network complex projects where expertise is needed on sustainability, certification, accreditation, assessments and environment related topics or interactions can be tapped into.

Interim assignments (short term projects):

  • Temporarily replacement of senior management
  • Short term assignment for topical management improvement
  • Change management assignment
  • Continuous improvement assignment

Start-up companies:

  • Consult on business plan development, budgeting
  • Consult on financing, investment, Angels, fund raising
  • Provide management during start-up phase

Visa Free Travel solutions:

  • Consult on safe investment environment in the Europe Union
  • Refer to a reputable European investment banker and specialized firm for property investment to obtain Portuguese Blue Card
  • Provide broader solutions on a global scale though boutique experienced firm in Asia for solutions in e.g. Panama, St Kitss and Nevis.

Looking forward for our cooperation!!

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