Do you want your money to work for you, while you are provided with a visa free travel solution based on a European passport?

Currently many offerings are provided for obtaining visa free travel based on minimum investments to be done in a European country.

Currently there is negative economical attention for PIIGS1-countries and we have seen issues with deposits in e.g. Cyprus. Therefor the best solution would be for your assets to be based in a European country outside the Eurozone while providing a safe investment solution in applicable EU countries to fulfill the requirements in obtaining a European passport.

1 Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece & Spain.

Do you need such a solution ?

You require visa free travel?

You have assets available to discuss financial solutions and fulfill the minimum investment requirement for visa free travel (3-5M €)?

You are aware of the European Blue Card (e.g. Portugal) where based on capital investment or property investment you will be provided with a residency permit?

You want to have assets taken care of properly and in a safe environment?

You want to discuss such a solution with highly experienced people who can guide you correctly to fulfill requirements and take care of your assets?



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An administration fee of 25000HK$/20000CNY will be charged after an initial contact to activate further contacts with the expert group of people in Europe.

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